March 21, 2019

About Us

Awesome Game Truck To You is a locally owned and operated business based in Woodland Hills, California. We are not a franchise. We are independently owned and operated. We are a part of our community, not an out of town corporate entity! Our independence allows us to offer the most competitive prices and custom party experiences for our customers.

Awesome Game Truck To You - Video Game Party Truck in Woodland Hills, CA

Awesome Game Truck To You is the perfect entertainment for a variety of events. We can work Charity events, Church Functions, Fund Raisers, Game Tournaments, Company Parties and Picnics, Athletic events and of course Birthday Parties. If you have an event, we can help you make it better!

At Awesome Game Truck To You, we understand the importance of your event. We know that every event is different and will work with you to make sure your party is tailored to your needs. We will make sure that your party includes only games appropriate for the age group of your party guests. Our number one priority is making sure your guests have a great time in a safe and comfortable environment! Thanks for allowing us to serve you!

The Awesome Game Truck To You Team 

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